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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Home Stretch(marks)

So I am now almost 33 weeks pregnant with my crazy beautiful twins and I kid you not when I say I am huge! More specifically my belly is huge. I mean, move over Santa Claus, your bowl full of jelly pales in comparison to my enormous, constantly wiggling belly full of babies! With less than two months to go, I cannot imagine what this belly of mine will look like by the time I actually go into labor.

I am actually very, very impressed with my awesome body during this pregnancy. I am eight months pregnant with twins, still up and running around and not a sign of any issues whatsoever. My blood pressure is amazing and I don't even have any swelling. Besides the evening fatigue and the sporadic insomnia, I have little to complain about. Just like the one character from Birth: The Play loves to say-- "MY BODY ROCKS!"

Good nutrition, regular chiropractic and prenatal care, and a healthy positive attitude have carried me a long way. Now I just have a little further to go and I am starting to get really excited about their arrival. Of course I have alist of things I'd like to get done before they are born and realistically it probably wont all happen, but that's alright because that list will keep me occupied until they do decide to make their entrance-- or exit depending on your perspective.

Mother of three- here I come!


Blogger yellow_monsta said...

mother's are amazing creatures indeed...

may your twins have a safe delivary yah? :D

11:57 PM  

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