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Monday, June 12, 2006

No, I Haven't Had Them Yet

There are normally sane friends and family out there who for some strange reason are terrified that I am going to give birth to these babies and not tell them about it. Like I am going to hide these two new children from their closest relatives and not let anyone have any contact with them until they are five. I feel like a watched pot.

The cultural myth that twins always come early has taken hold of almost everyone in my life. I cannot begin to count the phone calls and emails from people I haven't heard from in months who are startled to discover I am still pregnant. I have gotten emails from former doula clients and phone calls from everyone from our minister to my brother-in-law with thinly veiled and badly disguised questions all betraying the fact that they just want to make sure they haven't been left out of the information loop. Yes, I'm 38 weeks pregnant. No, I haven't given birth yet.

Trust me! When I give birth to these babies, people will know about it! I'll probably even post a more detailed than necessary birth story here or some place else for everyone to enjoy. I actually have a huge list of email addresses and phone numbers for the initial information download- date, time, height, weight and all that nonsense. If all those folks could walk in my somewhat puffy feet for about a half-hour each, they'd know that I will be so happy to have these babies on the outside, there's no telling who I'll share the news with-- not just family and friends, but relative strangers. Heck, betcha I chase down our mail carrier just to exuberantly shout the fact that I'm no longer hugely pregnant and finally enjoying the wiggles of my little twins without sacrificing bladder control at every spastic little kick and punch.

This is the watched pot, breathing her way to a slow, but steady rolling boil.


Blogger Lizz said...

Hey, I'm happy to have found your blog. I wish you smooth birthing vibes.


3:21 AM  

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